Leading With Intuition


I wonder how many CEOs, VPs or team leaders rely on their intuition or if it’s even an option for them. “Fast” and “quick” have become words so deeply rooted in the daily business, so it seems it’s nearly an offense to productivity, if slowing down. But slowing down is one of the two ways necessary, to be able to hear that little voice called intuition.


Googling “Leading with in…” showed me lots of automated responses like integrity, intention or insight, but not “with intuition”. Leading with integrity got me 651M links. Leading with intuition got me 79M.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, integrity stands for “the quality on being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change”. Personally, being honest is one of my own highest priorities but the second part of the explanation seems to me not being really helpful in regards to adapting to a world that constantly changes…


This got me curious so I dug a little deeper and found a really interesting article in “Forbes” written by Dede Henley. It’s called “Why Intuitive Leaders Are The Most Successful” (you can find it HERE )


She and her team noticed, in coaching leaders, that most people in business are moving too fast to access a critical source of information – their intuition. But, as she writes, when leaders take the time to tap their intuition, organizations benefit from a more holistic approach to solutions. Over all, intuitive leadership pays off. 


One of the two ways to get access to your intuition is giving yourself more time to listen to that voice which normally cannot be heard because the logical voice or the monkey mind chatter is too loud.


So if leaders who listen to their intuition are the most successful, why aren’t there more of them trying it? Just giving it a shot? Is it because time is money?


Let me try to explain this to you with my words as a Hypnosis Coach: first you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you. Putting this in a higher perspective (on the whole economy), someone started to make up a belief called “time is money” and this may be able to prevent those of us, who would be willing to give intuition a shot, from doing so.


But I can see it in my clients: Once you’ve become aware of the huge advantage you have using your intuition, you will never want to work a day without. The second way to get access to your intuition is hypnosis. While in hypnosis you access your subconscious mind and there lies all the emotional intelligence our conscious mind may be trying to suppress for various reasons.


My clients tell me, that one of the biggest impacts leading intuitively had on their lives was like someone had lifted a weight from their shoulders. They’re thankful for the playful easiness they’ve regained, which in some cases had been lost since their childhood. They’re happy to have started to listen to that little voice more often through hypnosis. 


Wishing you all lots of success. Yours, Isabella