2021 - What Now?


Dear CEO, Vice President or Head of Department


I bet you’re already pretty exhausted by the final run towards year’s end. All the over hours spent on getting projects done that in theory were supposed to be realized in 2020, cashing in and looking for opportunities to make the books look good and budgeting for the next year. Juggling all this with an extra ball thrown in called COVID19.

To be honest, no money in the world would ever be enough to make me want to swap places with you right now.


So now year’s end is approaching and soon the whole staff will be back in the office, full of new energy and expectations for 2021. Unfortunately, this time also with more uncertainty.

You will have to dig deep into your magical hat to find something that will make them feel motivated and like navigators rather than victims or critics. Changemanagement on a whole new level. A level where you might even end up being happy for bystanders. Because, let’s be honest, do you have any idea how to navigate through the unknown? How to sooth peoples minds when they start to be anxious about their future? Cheer them up when you feel an awkward mist of question marks wandering around in the corridors?

Something new has come up. Something unpredictable.


As the pro that you are you might already have searched for answers in books, on the internet or even in personal coachings. That’s the way to go! You’re in a position where you should be able to provide guidance. One of many talents a good leader should be gifted with.

But soon you will have to stand in front of all those people who rely on you and all that theory.  All those pairs of eyes filled with high hopes and expectations and you just passing on the theory to them.


Theories don’t sooth peoples minds. Role models do.


And you know what else? Role models don’t have to be perfect. New times have arisen and need to be adapted to quickly. There’s no time to be perfect. It is time to roll up the sleeves and be open to whatever work is laid into your hands. So please do us all a favor and stop acting like you’d have a plan. As if you would be in complete control of the situation.


Use these calm hours of spare time around New Years Eve to reflect and think about, how you want to behave in this special situation. Who do you want to be? And if you need a little help, try to find out, how your role model would face this situation. If you don’t have any role model, try to think of someone who stays in balance through uncertain times. It doesn’t have to be a person in real life, it can be a fictional figure like e.g. Frodo Baggins (Lord of The Rings), Katniss Everdeen or Naruto. There are no boundaries. Be creative.


We have approached a new millennium with a lot of new challenges. This is a wonderful opportunity to change our behavior to the better. Start by being that person that you would love to meet in the office every morning and every day of your life.


So visualize the qualities of your role model and copy it. From their words, their way to talk, their posture... everything. Become that person. And then you won’t hesitate to be honest and open with your staff and show them, that you don’t have any clue what tomorrow brings, but you know how to cope with the moment. And how to stay positive minded and embrace the uncertainty. Cause the moment is all we have.


If you need any help with that, my door is wide open for you. As a Hypnosis Coach I know how to help my clients to bring out the best in them. For their own good and their family and stakeholders.


Leave a comment and tell me who’s going to be your role model in 2021. Would love to hear from you.


Wishing you all a fantastic and successful 2021!


Isabella Rose

Hypnosis Coach

Founder of Heildenken

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